Collecting military ID's and other documents of the Third Reich can at times be challenging. To fully understand and appreciate the history attached to the piece, a good understanding of German language, German handwriting and military history is required. Although all items sold on our site usually come with a short overview of the soldier's service, we are often asked about possibilities on a more in-depth research.  

We do give our customers a possibility to conduct a paid research on items bought at Crain's Militaria or elsewhere. Some of the services offered include:

  • Synopsys of document groupings and soldier's biographies, retrieved from your documents and other available sources.  
  • Page-by-page transcriptions and/or translations of documents, also those written in 'Sütterlin' and other styles of German handwriting.  
  • Elaborate historical studies, archival research and publications.  

All research is conducted by T. De Craene, owner of Crain's Militaria, who has a Master degree in Modern History (Ghent University, 2008). He has written several publications on the Second World War in Belgium, has elaborate experience in archival research in the whole of Western Europe, and has been collecting German paperwork and other militaria for 20 years.  

Feel free to enquire for more information and pricing through the contact form.