• Superb hand signed and private produced portrait photo of Ritterkreuzträger Hauptmann Alfred Germer. He had earned the Knight's Cross for his significant role in the taking of one of the most important Maginot line forts, the Ouvrage La Ferté during the French campaign in 1940. 
  • The portrait was taken during his time as Kompaniechef with Pionier-Lehr-Bataillon 2 in Dessau-Rosslau, in 1941-'42. It was personally given by him to his "Spiess", Hauptfeldwebel Bachert.  
  • 13x8 cm private portrait (small postcard sized), with photo studio stamp from Schönhausen and OKW copyright mentioning on the back. Hand written signature in blue ink.  
  • Excellent portrait with a rare Knight's Cross winner's signature!  

Knight's Cross winner Alfred Germer private signed portrait

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