Large grouping to Sanitäts-Obergefreiter Karl Bäuerle, a Luftwaffe medic who was KIA during a Russian air raid near Konotop, 1943. He was awarded the KVKII. The group consists of:  

    • Wehrpass in excellent condition, with accompanying letter sent to the widow.    
    • KIA Letter of his officer containing more details about his death, plus a wartime 'Abschrift'.  
    • Complete list of all of his belongings sent back to the widow.  
    • His Reisepass.  
    • His KVK2 ribbon mounted on a photo of his grave.  
    • Two "Betriebsberichte" from the brewery he worked in, one from 1940 with his name in the list of coworkers in the military, one from 1943 with his KIA notice.  
    • Another letter from this brewery tho the widow, with condolences and the issue of a montly allowance.  
    • Postwar photo of the local war momunent on which his name is mentioned.  
    • About 80 almost exclusively military photos detailing his service, only a small part is shown here.  

KIA Medic Wehrpass grouping

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