• Soldbuch and Wehrpass grouping to Obergefreiter Arno Treptow. A baker in civilian life, Treptow served with Bäckerei-Kompanie 999, a penal unit part of the Strafdivision 999 and active as occupation force on the Greek island of Rhodos. The reason of his stay with a penal unit is unknown, but an interesting entry on page 7 of the Wehrpass that he was reissued his "Wehrwürdigkeit" in September 1944, allowing him to be promoted - though still staying with his unit on Rhodos until the end of the war. He entered British capitivty at the end of the war.  
  • The grouping contains of the following: 
    • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition. Notice the pistol entry ("Herstal" for a Belgian FN pistol?) and the very nice tropical uniform portrait.  
    • Wehrpass is a first issue from January 1943, missing the units page 12/13. Tropical uniform portrait pasted in but not stamped, though 100% the correct man (compare with Soldbuch picture).  
    • Several photos including postcard sized portrait and many photos taken on Rhodos.  

Strafbataillon Soldbuch & Wehrpass, Rhodos

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