Award document and photo grouping to Feldwebel Hermann Barth, who served with Grenadier-Regiment 684 of the 335. Infanterie-Division, and later with Sicherungs-Bataillon both on the Eastern Front. The grouping consists of:  

  • Award document for the Ostmedaille, issued in the Reservelazarett Pirna. Very good condition, folded, not punched.  
  • Confirmation from his unit that he was allowed to wear the Ostmedaille.  
  • Award document for the Demjansk, while serving with Sich.Btl.797. Folded, not punched, some tearing.  
  • 26 Photos mostly showing his service on the Eastern Front, including many with writing on the back, and also including portrait photos of Barth with his name on the reverse; he can be clearly recognised in many photos.  
  • Four paged document with the full name list of the 9. Kompanie of Grenadier-Regiment 684, part of the 335.ID in early 1943. This mentions Feldwebel Barth as commander of the Kompanie-Trupp on the first page. Also notice the MIA and WIA comrades.  
  • Postwar document to the WASt referring to forementioned list and also indicating that Barth has survived the war.  

Demjanskschild award document & photo grouping

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