Soldbuch, document and photo grouping to R.O.B. Gefreiter Percy Mohn. This young student, who interestingly was born in Riga (Latvia) but lived in Oldenburg, first served as a Flakhelfer in 1943-'44. He then performed his RAD service, until in July 1944 he was drafted into the Wehrmacht. He was quickly selected as an officer candidate, attended R.O.B. (Reserve-Offizier-Bewerber) school and finished the war with Granatwerfer-Ausbildungs-Kompanie 534. The grouping consists of the following:

  • Soldbuch, first issue from July 1944. Complete with all pages and portrait photo. The stamps on the photo are a bit faded but it is 100% original. Also notice the nice private Browning pistol entry.  
  • American and Russian POW discharge documents, plus two more documents regarding his release.  
  • Discharge document for his service with RAD-Abteilung 1/380.  
  • Seven (mostly travel) documents from his time as Luftwaffenhelfer.  
  • 29 private photos, of which 27 are wartime, who were mounted and described by Mohn on A4 paper. His HJ (Flakhelfer), RAD and Heer service are all presented. Some of the better ones include a Flakhelfer portrait with HJ armband, training on the 16 cm Granatwerfer, and a great portrait showing a camouflaged helmet.  

Soldbuch & photo grouping officer candidate

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