Photo and document grouping to Panzer soldier Kurt Fix from Birkenfeld (W├╝rttemberg), who was captured and held as a POW in Africa until at least 1948. The group has over 80 pieces, including:

  • Many photos from his POW time, but also from his military service, including several in black Panzer wrapper uniform. One postcard sized portrait shows him in the Panzerjacke with his parents. Other subjects include the POW camp life in Egypt and Libya, the camp cemetery, camp entrance and flags, African population, Panzer soldiers with awards, the Giza pyramid, etc.  
  • His wartime Facharbeiterbrief.  
  • POW Documents.  
  • Hand painted postcards he sent home in 1947-'48.  

DAK Panzer POW grouping

  • Product Code: FW2099