Wehrpass grouping to Obergefreiter Stefan Marschick. This Austrian baker had joined the Wehrmacht soon after the annexation of his home country in December 1938. Trained as a Panzerjäger, he saw his first action with Pz.Abw.Abt.46 of the 44. Infanterie-Division ("Hoch- und Deutschmeister") in the Polish campaign, followed by the French campaign in 1940. In October 1940, his unit was used to create Panzerjäger-Abteilung 137 of the newly formed 137. Infanterie-Division. With the 137.ID, he saw action on the Eastern Front (Smolensk, Moscow, Juchnow, Spass-Demensk), until moving to Panzerjäger-Abteilung 186 of the 86.ID in December 1943. A few months later, his Kompanie was reformed into a StuG unit, later known as StuG-Abteilung 1186. It was integrated in the "Korps-Abteilung E", a mix of three (almost) destroyed divisions including the 86.ID. Supporting the retreat of this unit through Belarus, Marschick was killed on 17th of July 1944, and earned a posthumous EK2. This bravery award was added to an earlier Ostmedaille, KVK2 and Kraftfahrbewährungs-Abzeichen in Bronze: in his earlier Panzerjäger units, he was used as a driver on the famous "Maultier" halftracks.  

The grouping consists of:

  • Wehrpass, Zweitschrift issue from September 1942. Includes mentioning of his "gepanzerte Vollketten" driving license and four pages of battle lists. Excellent and complete condition.  
  • Wehrmacht-Führerschein, uncommon light grey version, issued by Pz.Jg.Abt.46 in May 1940, with uniform portrait and rare mentioning of a training on Lkw Maultier, as well as an entry for training with StuG.Abt.1186 in Mielau just 1.5 months before his death.  
  • A total of 34 private photos showing his military service. These include three postcard sized studio portraits (one with Stahlhelm), as well as a grey StuG wrapper portrait in the field, and photos with 3,7 cm PaK guns, trucks, graves in the East, etcetera.  
  • His last letter sent to his sister only 4 days before his death.  
  • Hand drawn map showing the location of his death, Zaversh'e, northeast of Brest-Litowsk.  

StuG KIA Wehrpass grouping, Maultier driver

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