Large citation, document and photo grouping to Unteroffizier Ernst Rührnschopf from Nürnberg. Born in 1915, he completed his RAD service in 1935-'36 and then joined Infanterie-Regiment 21 in Nürnberg. At the start of the war, he served as Gefreiter in 14./Inf.Rgt.213 of the 73.ID in the Polish campaign. Early 1940, he moved to Inf.Rgt.519 of the newly formed 296. Infanterie-Division. With this unit, he started off in the Western campaign, during which he was promoted to Unteroffizier. He then saw a lot of action on the Eastern Front, until he was badly wounded on 5th of July 1942. Unfit for further front service, he stayed with reserve units for the rest of his career, also as a Sanitäter. Captured by the Russians in 1944, he was sent to Siberia for heavy work but survived - though with injuries.

This extensive grouping consists of:

  • Award document for the Eiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse, October 1941, hand signed by 296.ID's divisional commander Generalleutnant Wilhelm Stemmermann, Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves winner. The back has some extra information added by Rührnschopf in ball pen regarding the circumstances of the award. 
  • Award document for the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, July 1942, by a doctor of Reservelazarett Freudenthal im Sudetengau. 
  • Award document for the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, September 1942, issued for the same wound but this time by his unit, hand signed by regimental commander Oberstleutnant Alfred Druffner, Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves (and DKiG) winner. 
  • Award document for the Ostmedaille, November 1942. 
  • Award document for the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber, Zweitschrift issue from July 1943, hand signed by Major Frost of Inf.Rgt.519. 
  • Two large notebooks, filled with diary entries and other annotations from his time in Budweis (Czech Republic), 1943-'44. 
  • A very large amount of prewar, wartime and postwar documents adding a lot of details to his career. These include summaries of his service, lots of medical documents regarding his wartime and POW injuries, POW documents, declaration of Aryan descent, documents on his service in Budweis 1943-'44, postwar recollections of the first days on the Eastern Front, insurance papers and much more - only a fraction has been shown here. Also included are many documents regarding the renting of a place from the local Gestapo branch in Budweis! 
  • Large photo album to his wife, complete with over 100 photos, mostly civilian showing her youth in the 1930's, but also with some BDM, Hitlerjugend, Zeppelinwiese Nürnberg etc. 
  • Smaller photo album to his wife, incomplete with over 50 photos, mostly showing here female RAD service ('weibliche Arbeitsdienst'). 
  • Over 50 loose photos of Rührnschopf, mostly in uniform, including portrait photos, visits to his wife and son, etcetera. Only a small part of the photos is shown here.  

296.ID Document and photo grouping

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