Extensive grouping to Hauptfeldwebel Adalbert Lorch, who sadly went missing in the Posen area in 1945. He had an extensive wartime career primarily serving as "Spiess" with the 5. Jäger-Division on the Eastern Front. He was already a Feldwebel with Inf.Rgt.627 of the 555. Infanterie-Division when he earned the EKII for the French campaign. By far the most intriguing piece is the piece of shrapnel, recovered from his body following his wound on New Year's Day 1943, carefully wrapped in a piece of bandage, and kept in a small glass jar as a souvenir by his family. Though he recovered from this first wound, the story did not end well for Lorch. While serving with a Fahnenjunker school in Posen (Poznan, Poland), he was caught up by the front and went missing when this school was thrown into battle under Generalmajor Ernst Gonell in January 1945. His body was never recovered and he is still listed missing in the area of the former Festung Posen. He left behind his wife Friedel and his little son Jürgen, with whom he poses in the large framed portrait.  

The grouping consists of:

  • Award document for the EKII, July 1940, hand signed by Generalleutnant Waldemar Henrici of the 555.ID, including the original envelope sent to his father. 
  • Award document for the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, January 1943, for his shrapnel wound sustained with Jg.Rgt.75 of the 5. Jäger-Division. 
  • Shrapnel piece recovered from his body in this wound, sustained by artillery on the fragile front line between Staraja Russa and Demjansk, on the northern sector of the Eastern Front. 
  • Reichsjugendabzeichen award document booklet, opened by the Jungstahlhelm Ortsgruppe Heidelberg, 1932-'34, complete including the portrait photo. 
  • Document confirming his nomination as candidate officer (Offizier-Anwärter), hand signed by Oberst Karl Rorich of Inf.Rgt.627, later Generalmajor. 
  • Beurteilung, March 1944, sent as Feldpost from Donaueschingen. 
  • His two very last letters home, sent 14th and 15th of January 1945 from the Warthelager, after which his wife never heard back from him. 
  • Several more Feldpost letters, sent from Milowitz in December 1944. 
  • Evacuation document for his wife Friedel, following the clearing of the Westwall area in Gerolstein, September 1944, and her forced moving to Heidelberg in Bavaria. 
  • Portrait and call for information sent by his wife to Ulm, home city of the 5. Jäger-Division, in the hope of finding out more about his fate, including the letter of return from 1953, regretting the lack of positive outcome. 
  • Painful telegram "Bert lebt" (Bert is short for Adalbert), sent by family in July 1947, undoubtly caused by the also included newspaper article erroneously stating he was still alive, based on a testimony by a comrade. 
  • About a dozen more various documents and ID's, prewar, wartime and early postwar occupation time. 
  • Large framed portrait of Lorch holding his newborn son Jürgen. 
  • Twenty more private photos in which Lorch can be clearly recognised: postcard sized portraits, celebrating his EK2, time off with the family, Eastern Front, etc. 
  • A small box with various items that also came from the widow's household, these include a compass made in Paris, a nicely ornamented pocket watch (missing the winding stem), a DFD (Demokratischer Frauenbund) Leistungsabzeichen, stamps and needle boxes.

5.JD Festung Posen MIA grouping, shrapnel piece

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