Wehrpass, document and photo grouping to Wachtmeister Erich Bernius. Entering service in 1938, he fought with different Festungs-Nachrichten units throughout the war. He saw action in France, the Eastern Front (Eastern Prussia, Lithuania and Russia) and from 1942 in occupied Norway. He was promoted up to Wachtmeister (after the war!) and earned the KVKII. The group consists of:

  • Wehrpass, first issue in very good condition, packed with entries, nice RAD portrait photo.  
  • Erkennungsmarke, matching with the Wehrpass.  
  • Military F├╝hrerschein with uniform portrait.  
  • Arbeitsdank Mitgliedskarte.  
  • Several POW documents about his service for the Allies in Norway, interesting details about flight from Mandal to Stavanger, etc.  
  • Several other documents (school, work, ...)  
  • Group of 165 loose photos, about 2/3 to 3/4 military. Nice documentation showing all phases of his (military) life, from RAD service to Norway occupation and everything in between. He can be easily recognized in many pics. Just a small part is shown here.    

Wehrpass & Photo grouping Wachtmeister - France, Russia, Norway

  • Product Code: DH011