• Wehrpass and photo grouping to Unteroffizier Friedrich Meyer. After some time with Kavallerie-Regiment 5, he served with Aukflärungs-Abteilung 175, part of the 75. Infanterie-Division from September 1939. As an MG reconnaisance soldier, he saw a lot of front line action - and his bravery was soon rewarded. He earned the Sturmabzeichen for the attack on the Maginot line in June 1940, with three Sturmtage in Püttlingen (Puttelange), Germingen (Guermange) and Langenberg (Languimberg), now all in the Moselle department in France. The EKII followed soon after the start of Operation Barbarossa, where the 75.ID advanced towards Cholm and Kiew. The Ostmedaille, the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and most importantly the EKI followed in 1942. Meyer survived two wounds, but was fatally wounded by a shot in the stomach on 27th of February 1943. He died the day after.  
  • The Wehrpass is in excellent and complete condition, with a portrait photo in RAD uniform. Quite impressive is the list of 14 Sturmtage - rarely seen in a Wehrpass, especially in this amount! 
  • Added to the Wehrpass are over 100 private photos, showing his service from the RAD to his recruit time in Stolp (now Poland), and the French and Russian campaigns. Meyer can be easily identified in many of the photos. Photos of destructions, action in France, portrait on the day he was awarded the EKII, etcetera.... a nice mixture with a 100% military content.   

KIA Aufklärer Wehrpass & photos, Sturmtage - EK1

  • Product Code: DL015