• Photo grouping of 21 photos of a member of the 9. SS-Panzer-Division “Hohenstaufen”. The photos are taken in Belgium (Roeselare, June 1943), France 1943 (Amiens, Atlantikwall), then on the Eastern Front early 1944, in Normandy (July – August 1944), and in Austria and Hungary (February 1945). They give a nice overview of the theaters of war of the Hohenstaufen. Subjects include a portrait of a comrade who was later KIA in Normandy, snapshot of a parachute coming down in Normandy (August 1944), hospital time in Amiens, trailway transport with camouflaged truck, and a portrait photo with the Hohenstaufen cufftitle in wear.  
  • Mostly 6x6 cm with writings and paper remains on the back. All are private photos.  

SS Hohenstaufen 1944 photo grouping

  • Product Code: FE0121