• Large postcard sized private portrait photo of SS officier Karl-Heinz Bestmann. Born May 1917 in Lübeck, he is pictured with his wife Hilde Meier, with whom he married in December 1939. In 1942, Bestmann was attached to the Führerschutz Kommando at the Berghof, and joined the guard of honour during Mussolini's visit to Hitler in April 1942. Bestmann survived the war and died in 1985.  
  • Karl-Heinz Bestmann was the younger brother of Walter Bestmann, first Knight's Cross winner of Totenkopf.  
  • The portrait photo was made by famous SS-Kriegsberichter Ernst Baumann. This photographer was posted to the Berghof in 1942. He was later dismissed as he took a too high interest in photographing the private life of Eva Braun.  

Führerschutz Kommando SS officer portrait

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