• Document and photo grouping to Kriegsmarine veteran Alfred Guderian, a crew member of the notorius Panzerschiff Deutschland. He could very well have been family of the well known Panzer general - they were from the same area in Eastern Prussia. He entered the Kriegsmarine late 1936, was with the Panzerschiff Deutschland in Spain (earning him the Spanienkreuz), and was still on the Deutschland when the war broke out in 1939, until at least 1942...  
  • The group consists of:
    • 1939 Memelland award document, great condition with mentioning of his position "Maschineobergefreiter vom Panzerschiff Deutschland".  
    • 1939 Spanienkreuz award document, cut down to A4 size, also for his service on the Deutschland.  
    • 1941 Minensuchabzeichen award document, great condition, as Bootsmann for service in the Ostsee.  
    • Complete photo album and some single photos, about 150 photos in total - this includes a postcard sized portrait with his Spanienkreuz in wear, photos of the Deutschland and life aboard the ship, occupation of Saloniki (Greece), photos from Spain 1937, hospital stays, oath swearing etc etc. Very nice blue Kriegsmarine cover with golden eagle.  
    • Alfred's 1928 Arbeitsbuch, and the WW2 era Arbeitsbuch to his father Wilhelm.  
    • Prewar papers of his work for the Dornier airplane factory, including a very nice Bescheinigung with drawing of a Dornier double-deck aircraft.  
    • POW documents: discharge certificate, temporary registration, ...  
    • A few extra documents: marriage papers (from 1942 while still an Obermaat on the Deutschland), school papers etc.

Panzerschiff Deutschland Spanienkreuz winner document & photo group

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