• Very detailed letter to the parents of Kanonier Johann Kessler, written by his Batteriechef. It describes how he was MIA during the battles on the Terek front in September 1942, when he was driving his tank to a neighbouring position to get supplies. Nothing was heard from him again. 
  • Since he drove a "Panzerwagen" but served in a Batterie, he was most likely a StuG soldier. Kessler is not listed on the Volksbund site, so he may have survived or is still missing. 
  • Complete Arbeitsbuch to the same soldier. Interestingly, he served with the Fliegerhorstkommandatur Ansbach, a Luftwaffe air base, until he was called up for military service. 

MIA Letter and Arbeitsbuch to StuG soldier

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