• Battered pocket diary of Gefreiter Kram, an older soldier who was called up for Wehrmacht service for a second time in July 1944. He ended up with Grenadier-Regiment 1055 of the 89. Infanterie-Division. After some time in Trier he was sent to fight in the Hürtgenwald in November. What follows are some unique and shivering entries on the fierce battles in the forest: "10. November. Angriff auf Hürtgen. von 80 Mann noch 15 Mann. 27 Verwundete". He was one of the lucky survivors that day, but the intense fighting continues: "Spähtrupp auf Vossenack. 4 Verwundete, 2 Tote".  And another "Spähtrupp auf Vossenack. 1 Toter, 2 Verwund., am Nachmittag Angriff i. Wald". By the 14th of November he was eventually wounded, and rescued himself and fellow wounded comrades to the "Hauptverbandplatz Hürtgener Wald". The 1944 diary then continues with his hospital time (Euskirchen, Linz am Rhein, Greifswald), and it looks like he survived the war.  
  • Diary is missing the first pages and cover. Entries from July-December 1944. Name and Feldpostnummer are entered. Unique witness account for the battles in the Hürtgen forest!  

Hürtgenwald 89.ID WIA Diary

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