• Document with resume of the career of Unteroffizier Hans Deutsch of the 7. Staffel of Kampfgeschwader 27, written shortly after his deathin April 1943. He earned three grades of the Frontflugspange with 224 Feindfl├╝ge, the EK1 and the Ehrenpokal. On 22nd of April 1943 he was the Bordsch├╝tze on board of the Heinkel He 111 flewn by Knight's Cross winning Major Erich Thiel, Gruppenkommandeur III/KG27. The entire crew was shot down and killed.  
  • Two sided A4 sized document, listing all his awards, wounds, promotions, personal data, .... with stamp of III/KG27.  

KG27 Pilot document

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