• Soldbuch to the young Grenadier Johann Feichtner, who fought with the 3. Kompanie of Festungs-MG-Bataillon 57 in 1944. This Bataillon was raised in July 1944 and deployed from October 1944 with the 49. Infanterie-Division during the retreat from the Belgian (Li├Ęge) - Dutch (Maastricht) border area. The 49.ID saw heavy combat again northwest of Aachen and was virtually swiped away when the remains were incorporated in the 246.ID by December 1944. Feichtner was one of the more lucky "victims" of his unit - he must have been taken prisoner by the Americans in October or November 1944, as can be seen by the low American POW number "31G-973018" on the opening page. He was released in April 1948.   
  • The first issue Soldbuch is missing pages 11 to 14. Interesting equipment units include a P.38 pistol and a Tarnnetz. Typical POW entries on page 20-21 with names of his comrades in pencil. It comes with his POW discharge document.   

Aachen 1944 POW Soldbuch 49.ID

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