• Soldbuch to Obergrenadier Johann Hatzelmann. Opened in June 1942 soon after the 32-year-old N├╝rnberg resident had joined the Wehrmacht. After basic infantry training he joined Grenadier-Regiment 47, part of the 22. (Luftlande) Infanterie-Division. This regiment was the only complete one of the 22.LL.ID that was sent to Africa - where it would be known as "Kampfgruppe Buhse", named after the regimental commander. An entry on page 19 confirms that Hatzelmann was awarded extra pay for his stay in Africa starting on 4th of April 1943. Little later, he must have been captured with the remains of his regiment during the general surrender of the Afrikakorps in Tunisia.  
  • Typical DAK POW Soldbuch, with unit pages 3/4 and 21/22 removed as instructed in many units shortly before the general surrender in Africa. Cover has been denazified. Apart from that, the Soldbuch is in a very good condition.  

DAK POW Soldbuch 22.LL.ID

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