• Soldbuch to Grenadier Josef Junker, who joined the Heer as a 17-year-old boy in June 1944. While still in training with Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 473 in Aachen, his entire unit was mobilised and thrown into battle as the Allies had neared the city on 3rd of September 1944. The day after, the reached their positions in the Westwall bunkers on the German-Dutch-Belgian border area south and southwest of Aachen: Gemmenich - Vaals, and later Oberforstbach, Schleckheim. They saw their first action on September 13th against armoured American troops. Junker's 3rd Kompanie was almost completely destroyed today after the American tanks broke through the lines. On the 14th, the Bataillon received four Panther tanks (!), and 2 StuG. On the 15th, it was added to the 9. Panzer-Division. The Bataillon kept on fighting on the border of the Reich, now on the eastern side of Aachen near Atsch, B├╝sbach and Munsterbusch.
  • By the 21st of September, the Bataillon had been almost completely destroyed after many days of intense fighting. On this day, Josef Junker wrote a postcard home: he had been captured, and was slightly wounded. Of course this wound entry was not entered in the Soldbuch anymore as he was in American hands. He received POW number 31G-529806.  
  • The Solbuch is complete except for the portrait photo and in very good condition. It comes with the forementioned card of capture.  

9.Pz.Div. Aachen POW & WIA Soldbuch

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