• Soldbuch to Handwerker Kurt Rosomm. First issue from October 1940. This car mechanic from Berlin continued his daily life profession in the Wehrmacht: he was assigned as a mechanic to the 3. Batterie of Artillerie-Regiment (mot.) 80. As part of the 8. Panzer-Division, he saw action in Yugoslavia and all sectors of the Eastern Front, from Leningrad to the Ukraine. He earned five awards: the Verwundetenabzeichen for a wound during the first weeks of the Russian campaign, the KVKII and the Ostmedaille in 1942, the EKII in 1943, and the Kraftfahrbew√§hrungsabzeichen in Silber in 1944.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a good condition. Pages 1/2 are loose, the leave pages 23-24 are missing. The portrait photo is of particular interest, with an uncommon combination of three ribbons in one button hole: the EK2, KVK2 and Ostmedaille.  

8.Pz.Div. Soldbuch, 5 awards

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