• Soldbuch and award document grouping to Unteroffizier Otto Räse. After serving with Luftwaffe training and airfield staff units for three years, Räse was moved to the infantry and joined Grenadier-Regiment 913 of the 349. Volksgrenadier-Division in September 1944. At that time, the 349.VGD was being reformed in Eastern Prussia after its destruction in the Brody pocket. The division soon came into action in Ostpreussen and would be destroyed again in another pocket - the Kessel of Heiligenbeil. Räse was wounded earlier though, on 19th of October 1944. For this very serious wound, he was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Gold and the EKII.  
  • The grouping consists of:
    • Soldbuch, first issue from May 1941. Complete except for the portrait photo, and with many entries.  
    • Six photos, including a postcard sized studio portrait and a photo in hospital. The original descriptions on the backsides make it 100% unquestionable that the soldier is indeed Otto Räse.  
    • Award document for the Verwundetenabzeichen in Gold, very good condition, folded once, not punched.  
    • Award document for the EKII, very good condition, folded once, not punched. Hand signed by Generaloberst Walter Weiss, who earned the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves.  
    • Five more documents, including his Postsparbuch and some Feldpost.  

Soldbuch & award docs 349.VGD

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