• Soldbuch to Obergrenadier Heinrich Buss, issued in the days when he was a Marine-Artillerist with the 8. Schiffs-Stamm-Abteilung mid June 1944. Buss must have been among the parts of this Abteilung that had been sent to Besançon, eastern France, early 1944. Notice he had earned the KVK ohne Schwertern in May 1944; the Feldpost number of the award entry refers to the Generalkommando Kniess, another unit active in Southern France.  
  • After his short career with the Kriegsmarine, he ended up fighting with infantry units in France, autumn 1944. The opening page and a security stamp on 1st of September tie him to the staff of the 716. Infanterie-Division. This division had been retreated from the D-Day invasion front to southern France for refitting. His promotion to the infantry rank of Obergrenadier is signed by an officer of the Brigadestab Hafner, later known as Brigade 1005, active in northeast France. In March 1945, he was again with the 716.ID.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition, with portrait photo.  

716.ID Soldbuch, France 1944

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