• Soldbuch to Oberleutnant Tammo Schütte. Zweitschrift issued late 1942. Schütte was a long time serving veteran, who participated in the annexation of Austria in 1938, got promoted to Leutnant in 1940 and was awarded the KVKII. After recovering from an injury early 1943, he was sent to Africa and entered African soil on 17th of March, 1943 - as can be seen by the entry on page 19. Following the general surrender in Africa in May 1943, he was captured by the French and stayed in POW camps in Morocco and Algeria for several years. 
  • On 11th of May, 1943, three more awards were entered: the EKII, the German-Italian commemoration award and the "Afrika" cufftitle. The originality of these award entries is uncertain and the Soldbuch has been priced accordingly. They have been signed off by two different officers, not stamped, and entered on the same date. The latter would be possible as the administration was caught up in the days of the collapse of the Afrikakorps.  
  • The Soldbuch has been thoroughly "cleaned" of all unit entries, as instructed to DAK personnel. Page 3/4 has been removed, and all Feldpost numbers and other references to units have been censored. The Soldbuch does have many interesting entries from his POW time (1943-46), like a list of his weight loss during captivity in Géryville and Ouarzazate.  

DAK Officer POW Soldbuch

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