• Soldbuch to Gefreiter Hermann Becker. This young NCO candidate's Soldbuch was opened just a few weeks after his 17th birthday in April 1944. It seems he was not allowed to complete his NCO training, but instead sent to the front with Artillerie-Regiment 337 as an ordinary Kanonier. By autumn 1944 he joined the 7. Batterie of Artillerie-Regiment 340, part of the 340. Volksgrenadier-Division. The young boy was thrown into battle on the Westwall and issued an MP40 on 21st of October 1944. This is the last dated entry in the Soldbuch. The 340.VGD was moved from the Westwall to the Ardennes as one of the divisions used in the attempts to break the final resistance of the Americans in Bastogne. On 6th of January 1945, the division launched an attack aside the 12. SS Division Hitlerjugend on the Bois Jacques, held by the 101st US Airborne Division - if you watched the 'Band of Brothers' series, you will know Becker's artillery unit gave hell to the American paratroopers those days.  
  • Given the last dated entry late October and the low American POW number 31G-785.783, it is clear that Hermann Becker was captured by the Americans well before his 18th birthday, somewhere in the Winter of 1944-'45.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a very good, complete condition.  

340.VGD POW Soldbuch, Bastogne

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