• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Willi Gross. First issue from February 1941. During his first two years of service, Gross held a function at the "Heeresschule für Nachrichtenhelferinnen", from 1941 to early 1943. He must have served as an instructor or in a supporting role for the "Blitzmädel". Undoubtly he was envied by many, but in Spring 1943 his quiet life among the Helferinnen came to an end. He was sent to Panzer-Nachrichten-Abteilung 4 of the 14. Panzer-Division, during its reconstruction after the retreat from Stalingrad. Gross participated in its battles on the Eastern front, ending the war in the Kurland pocket. Apart from the KVKII in February 1944, he was awarded the rare Kurland cufftitle, entered on the last day of the war. The vague stamp is that of the command of the 14.Pz.Div., it is used elsewhere in the book and 100% original.   
  • The Soldbuch has some loose pages but is a 100% complete with alll pages. It has a nice black Panzer wrapper portrait. It comes with the battle list for his combat with the 14. Panzer-Division.  

14.Pz.Div. Panzer wrapper Soldbuch, Kurland cufftitle

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