• Soldbuch to Georg Vejrazka. First issue from November 1943. THe then only 17 year old Vejrazka was trained as an artillery soldier and ended up with Artillerie-Regiment 367 of the newly formed 367. Infanterie-Division. First deployed in Croatia, Spring 1944, the division was moved to the Ukraine and later fought in Poland. The last entries in the Soldbuch are a promotion dated February 1945, when Vejrazka was fighting with the 10. Batterie of his Regiment in the battle for Königsberg. The Art.Rgt.367 participated in the failed breakout of the Festung Königsberg on 8th of April 1945, and surrendered to the Russians the day after.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition, with a nice portrait photo of the very young Georg Vejrazka.  

367.ID Soldbuch - Festung Königsberg POW

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