• Soldbuch to Obersch├╝tze Otto Celle. First issue from August 1943. This 41 year old waiter from Celle was called up by the Wehrmacht and due to his higher age ended up in Landessch├╝tzen-Bataillon 736, occupying the area of Antwerpen, Belgium. His 2. Kompanie was part of the "Abschnitt Ost", its quarters including the military barracks in Maria-ter-Heide. Later, they were moved south to the area of Tournai, still in Belgium. Renamed into Sicherungs-Bataillon 736, the battallion was involved in the fighting against the Allies in Belgium, September 1944. Large parts were captured in the Mons pocket.  
  • Olle, nevertheless, was able to escape the "Mons Kessel" and retreated towards the Reich. He was among the remainders of the battallion that were incorporated in the 49. Infanterie-Division. Fighting with this division in the battle for Aachen, he was captured by the Allies late 1944. The last German stamp in the Soldbuch dates September 16th; the first Allied one December 1st.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete and in very good condition. 

Aachen POW Soldbuch 49.ID, Belgium 1944

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