• Soldbuch to Stabsgefreiter Gustav Mallunat. First issue from August 1939. Mallunat first served with Infanterie-Regiment 43 of the 1. Infanterie-Division. In February 1940, his Bataillon was transferred to the new Infanterie-Regiment 504, part of the 291. Infanterie-Division. After a short deployment in the French campaign, his Bataillon was again transferred to a new regiment: the Infanterie-Regiment 580, part of the 306. Infanterie-Division. Mallunat moved to the sister regiment Infanterie-Regiment 581 mid 1941. After a long time on the Atlantikwall in Belgium, the 306.ID was moved to the Don front in the East in November 1942. Mallunat was eventually wounded by shrapnel on the Mius front in August 1943, and evacuated. He ended the war with "Landessch├╝tzen" security and occupation units.  
  • Soldbuch in very used condition, missing the awards page 21-22. It comes with two POW documents and a newspaper clipping about the fighting on the Mius taken from the V├Âlkischer Beobachter.  

306.ID Soldbuch, WIA Mius 1943

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