• Soldbuch to Grenadier Richard Raab. First issue from October 1944. Raab was one of the typical new recruits transferred into the Volksgrenadier divisions in the Autumn of 1944. He was only 17 years old when he was drafted into the Kriegsmarine, then transferred to the Panzerzerstörer-Kompanie of Grenadier-Regiment 695 around his 18th birthday. From its formation in the area of Thorn (Torun, Poland), the Gren.Rgt.695 was added to the newly erected 340. Volksgrenadier-Division. It was then moved to the Western Front, fighting in the Jülich bridgehead late November 1944 and perhaps more importantly, in the Ardennes offensive from late December 1944.  
  • Raab was fighting with the regimental anti-tank company and was issued the semi-automatic Gewehr 43. The 340.VGD was used in the attempts to break the final resistance of the Americans in Bastogne. On 6th of January 1945, the division launched an attack aside the 12. SS Division Hitlerjugend on the Bois Jacques, held by the 101st US Airborne Division - this attack was featured in the "Band of Brothers" series. There are no further entries in 1945 so Raab was likely taken POW in the Ardennes.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition. It comes with two Hitlerjugend ID's: a Dienstkarte der Hitler-Jugend from 1941, and his K-Schein der Hitler-Jugend, signed by an SS-Untersturmführer in Würzburg, 1943.  

340.VGD Ardennes Soldbuch, Bastogne

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