• Soldbuch to Bootsmaat Andreas Brose. First issue from April 1941. After training on the island Langeoog, Brose was sent to Marineflak-Abteilung 262 in Wilhelmshaven. He stayed in Wilhelmshaven for many years, mostly with the Marine-Bordflak-Batterie located in the harbour. He served as anti-aircraft personnel on board of vessels including the T.M.S. Diedenhofen (1941) and the captured Dutch vessel "Theano" (1942).  
  • In 1943, he joined the crew of a most interesting ship: the M.S. Münsterland. This ship was used as a "Blockadebrecher", slipping through the Allied naval blockades, first moving vital supplies from Japan to France (1942), and later in the North Sea from Germany to France and back. On 20th of January 1944, one of these missions of the Münsterland went wrong when it was discovered in the fog near Dover and hit by long range British artillery off Cap Blanc Nez. There were 12 KIA and 47 wounded on board. Less than two weeks later, Andreas Brose was awarded the EKII following the loss of his ship.  
  • Brose stayed in France after his close call with the M.S. Münsterland to serve with the Hafenschutzflottille subordinated to the Kommandant der Seeverteidigung der Gascogne. It was situated at the Pointe du Grave, on the Gironde river opposite Royan. He remained on the Atlantic coast after the Allied landing as part of the Festung Gironde Süd and was awarded the Minensuchabzeichen in February 1945. Notice this award entry, as well as the security stamp on page 20, was signed by Kapitänleutnant Otto Wild, DKiG winner and Flottillenchef. Also notice the "Frontzulage" signed off by an officer of Marineartillerie-Abteilung 618 which was indeed part of this Atlantikwall fortress. The Festung Gironde Süd surrendered to the Allies late April 1945, Brose was taken POW by the French.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition, packed with entries and a huge range of extra pages adding to a total of over 80 pages!  

Blockadebrecher Soldbuch, Festung Gironde Süd

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