• Soldbuch to Sanit├Ąts-Gefreiter Ernst Waldherr. First issue from March 1942. After serving with reserve units, Waldherr joined the Sanit├Ątskompanie 2/60 on the Eastern Front. In the summer of 1943, he moved to Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 11 of the 9. Panzer-Division, fighting in the battle of Kursk and the retreat to the Mius Front. Waldherr saw two days of close combat (Nahkampf) with the 9.Pz.Div: on the 1st and on the 3rd of October 1943. It was most likely during this last close encounter, that he was wounded by an enemy bullet. Waldherr spent more than 1.5 years in hospital and most likely did not see active service again. He was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete, with lots of entries and no denazifications. There is a cut in the front cover, but luckily the portrait photo was not touched and the cover was repaired with temporary tape. Nice extra page with mention of his two Nahkampftage!  

9.Pz.Div. WIA Soldbuch with Nahkampftage

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