• Soldbuch to Sch├╝tze Christoph Wolffs. First issue from March 1943. This Berlin worker was called up at the age of 36 and, after training in the Tiborlager, served with Grenadier-Regiment 111 of the 35. Infanterie-Division on the Eastern Front. 
  • The last dated entry in the Soldbuch is a vaccination on 19th of June 1944. This combined with the fact that a portrait photo was never inserted, and a few Russian inscriptions on the cover and first page, make it safe to say that Wolffs entered Russian captivity around the Summer of 1944. Looking at the divisional history, this makes perfect sense. The 35.ID was hit in full force by the Soviet summer offensive starting on June 21st in its positions south of Mogilew. By 26th of June the division was fully encircled; it broke out of its encirclement towards the Ptitsch river, but lost many of its men.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a good and complete condition. Interesting entries include a Tarnnetz and the F├╝hrergeschenk.  

35.ID Soldbuch POW Russia 1944

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