• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Ernst Michalowy, who fought with the Croatian 369. Infanterie-Division against partisans in Yugoslavia. Zweitschrift issue from July 1943.  
  • Michalowy was born in Sezegow (?), in the area of Katowice, Silesia (nowadays Poland). After basic pioneer training, he joined the Pionier-Bataillon 369 (kroat.), part of the Croatian 369. Infanterie-Division. Early 1943, this division saw anti-partisan action in Croatia (Unternehmen Weiss and Unternehmen Schwarz), and parts were also engaged in Stalingrad. Michalowy fought against partisans in Yugoslavia during 1944, at the time the 369.ID operated under the 5th SS Gebirgskorps. In November of that year he was hit by a bullet in the area of Mostar (Bosnia) and evacuated. Most likely he stayed with the Kroatische Ausbildungs Brigade in Stockerau during the last months of the war. Besides the Verwundetenabzeichen for the partisan bullet wound, he was also awarded the Romanian 'Crusade against Communism' medal.  
  • Some pages are loose, but the Soldbuch is a 100% complete with all pages present. Very nice photo of Michalowy in tropical uniform. No denazifications. The Soldbuch comes with two Wehrmachtfahrscheine and a Kriegsurlaubschein.  

369.ID Croatian Soldbuch, Anti-partisan Yugoslavia

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