• Soldbuch to Oberleutnant Erich Zeller. First issue from August 1939, when the by then already 36 year old teacher served as a Feldwebel with Infanterie-Regiment 79, part of the 16. Infanterie-Division. One month later, Zeller was promoted to Leutnant. The 16.ID served on the Westwall during the Polish campaign and then fought its way through France in May-June 1940. It was reformed into the famous 16. Panzer-Division later that year, with Zeller's Inf.Rgt.79 now called Schützen-Regiment 79. By the end of 1940, Zeller had moved away from the 16.Pz.Div., likely due to a wound sustained in the French campaign, and took up a function in the Heeres-Unteroffizier-Vorschule Jülich. This school was for very young candidate NCO's, who joined straight from the HJ and wore a cufftitle.  
  • The Soldbuch has a very nice portrait photo of Zeller covering several earlier equipment entries, like a pistol, private watch, binoculars, The awards page 21-22 is missing, but the three extra portrait photos suggest that Zeller was awarded at least the DRL Sportabzeichen, the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and the EKII. Those last two must have been earned in France 1940.    

16.Pz.Div. Officer Soldbuch, Unteroffiziervorschule Jülich

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