Soldbuch and Wehrpass grouping to Unteroffizier Wilhelm Haeger. He was trained as Infanteriegeschütz soldier and served in the I.G. Kompanie of a number of infantry units, starting with Infanterie-Regiment 184 of the 86. Infanterie-Division. In 1940, he moved to Infanterie-Regiment 529 of the 299. Infanterie-Division. In 1942, he began accumulating awards in the Liwny sector, northeast of Kursk, halfway between Orel and Woronesch. The EKII was followed by an Ostmedaille and the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber. Following a wound with Grenadier-Regiment 542 of the 387. Infanterie-Division, he also received the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and a promotion to Unteroffizier in December 1943. Still suffering from this wound, he ended the war with Landesschützen-Bataillone 445 and 501, both located in Traunstein. The KVKII mit Schwertern was added as his fifth and final award.  

  • Soldbuch, first issue from August 1939. Well worn (as logical for 6 years of use) but good and complete condition. Excellent portrait photo of Haeger wearing his first four awards. Interesting entries include the 5 awards, the Führerpaket, a P.08 Luger and a Czech pistol. 
  • Wehrpass, Zweitschrift issue from June 1944. Interestingly, page 47 mentions a "besonderem Einsatz", special action, in which the original has been destroyed. The exact reason is not known to us. The Wehrpass has the same nice portrait photo as the Soldbuch. Entries include training on a French rifle, prewar service with Reiter-Regiment 3 in Rathenow, his five awards and release from service in April 1945. Wehrpass in very good and complete condition. 
  • POW Discharge document. 
  • Postwar Mitgliedsbuch of the Verband der Kriegsbeschädigten. He still suffered from his leg and hand wounds postwar. 
  • Letter from his brother Werner Haeger, who was fighting on the Leningrad front mid November 1942. Very interesting content, as he is speaking freely about the war, and the fear of an upcoming winter offensive in Leningrad. Sadly, Werner Haeger was killed exactly two months after writing this letter.  
  • Letter from another brother, fighting on the Eastern Front in February 1945.  

299.ID Soldbuch & Wehrpass grouping

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