• Soldbuch to Feldwebel and Offizier-Anwärter Gottfried Guthoff. First issue from December 1939, when the baker from Grosshamberg (Burscheid) joined a Luftwaffe-Baukompanie. He quickly transferred to Luftnachrichten units, and was eventually trained as a Bordfunker in 1940. Although now trained as aircraft personnel, it looks like he stayed mainly on the ground for the rest of the war; serving with staff units like the Luftflottenkommando 4 and the Reichswetterdienst based on the Berlin-Tempelhof airfield.  
  • During the Endkampf, Guthoff transferred from the Luftwaffe to the Heer, and ended up in the Grenadier-Ausbildungs-Bataillon 185. As part of the last ditch Ausbildungs-Division 464, he saw action in Sachsen during the last weeks of the war. 
  • The Soldbuch was carried for six years but remains in relatively good condition. The page 5/6 seems to be replaced by a new page 6 back in mid 1940. Interesting entries include the Führerpaket, his Uffizier-Anwärter and Offizier-Anwärter assignments on page 22, and tropical uniform parts. It comes with the following extras: 
    • Award document for the Deutsche Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen, 1941, during his service with RAD-Abteilung 3/292 in Russheim. Folded once, not punched, facsimile signed by Staatsminister Otto Meissner.  
    • Two Wehrmachtfahrscheine for travels from Proskurow to Lemberg (1944) and from Saporoshje to Nowotscherkask (1942).  
    • Marschbefehl from the letter travel, 1942.  
    • Entlausungsschein, 1943.  

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