• Soldbuch to Gefreiter Franz Sauerzopf. First issue from June 1943. Sauerzopf was only 17 years old when he was drafted in the Luftwaffe that month. He was trained with Flieger-Regiment 53 and later went to the Bordsch├╝tzenschule and the Fliegertechnische Schule. He spent time in hospital in Brussels, Belgium in autumn 1943. In July 1944, he was transferred from the Luftwaffe to the Heer, following the Allied invasion in Normandy. He joined the Feld-Ersatz-Bataillon 12, a reserve unit of the 12. Volksgrenadier-Division that was being reformed in the Heimat during August. The division fought in the battle for Aachen and later in the Ardennes Offensive.  
  • A last dated entry can be found on the weapon page 8a, a rifle given to him on September 24th, 1944. Medical injections from December 1944 and January 1945 were most likely entered during captivity. Also considering his early American POW number 31G-771.827 on page 1, it is beyond any doubt that Sauerzopf was forwarded to a 12.VGD front unit and captured during the Aachen battle. The 12.VGD fought heavily in the Stolberg sector east of Aachen, defending the road from Aachen to K├Âln, and lost over a thousand men in October 1944. By the end of November 1944, after fighting near Hastenrath and Eschweiler, the division had been reduced to the strength of a Kampfgruppe.  
  • The Soldbuch is in complete and very good condition.  

12.VGD Soldbuch, Aachen POW

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