Soldbuch and Wehrpass grouping to Obergefreiter Ernst Braitinger. After a few months with Infanterie-Regiment 215 of the 78.ID in the East, Braitginer was hospitalised with malaria in January 1943. He returned through a Nachrichten training unit in Colmar (now France) to an active unit again in November of that year. He joined the newly formed Grenadier-Regiment 1021, that was soon to be renamed into Grenadier-Regiment 1049 and placed under the new 77. Infanterie-Division in the Caen area in Normandy, France. Undoubtly used as a "Funker" in the regimental staff, Braitinger earned the KVKII in April 1944 but was more than capable to defend himself - the Soldbuch shows autmatic rifles (Gewehr 43?) issued to him on page 8a.

This firepower was more than welcome, as the 77.ID were immediately thrown in the heat of the action following D-Day. From its positions in the area of the Mont-Saint-Michel, the 77.ID fought fiercely against the American paratroopers who landed on the Cotentin peninsula, as well as the American divisions progressing from Utah Beach. During the constant fighting, Braitinger was wounded by shrapnel in his left leg on July 15th, 1944. He earned the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz for his Normandy wound.

Evacuated to a hospital in Bamberg, Braitinger made a full recovery and found himself opposing the Americans again with Festungs-MG-Bataillon 39, formed September 1944 and fighting in the Colmar/Belfort area in northeast France. The last entry in both Soldbuch and Wehrpass are a promotion on 29th of October 1944; it is safe to say that Braitinger was captured by the Allies in the "Oberelsass" area of France before the end of 1944. 

Both Soldbuch and Wehrpass are in excellent and complete condition. They come with five extra documents, mostly regarding his Nachrichten training in Colmar in 1943.  

77.ID Normandy WIA Soldbuch & Wehrpass

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