• Soldbuch to Gefreiter Otto Schuster. First issue from December 1941. After basic infantry training, Schuster served with Infanterie-Regiment 345 of the 199. Infanterie-Division in Norway, 1942-'43. By the end of 1943, he transferred to the Infanterie-Regiment 935, part of the newly established 245. Infanterie-Division in the area of Rouen, on the Seine river in western France. By early June 1944, the 245.ID was still on the Atlantic coast of Normandy, now in the Dieppe area, when the Allies landed. It became involved in the Normandy fighting, mostly in the Dieppe area holding off the Allied progress to the East, before retreating to Belgium. Here, it fought in the Brugge area early September 1944, then moved to the Antwerp sector, also crossing the border to Holland. It saw action against Operation Market Garden in the area of Eindhoven, mid to late September 1944, and then moved west to the area of Tilburg and 's Hertogenbosch. Here, Otto Schuster was captured by the British in October or early November 1944. He was transferred to POW Camp 2225 located in Antwerp, Belgium, as can be seen on the large stamp on page 1. Schusster switched from British to French captivity in September 1945 and survived the war.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a used condition, with moist damage though all entries remain readable. Pages 3/4 and the furlough pages have been removed, page 21/22 is loose. The Soldbuch has a nice portrait of Schuster, apparently taken on the Atlantic coast and stamped by Gren.Rgt.345 in 1944.  

245.ID Soldbuch, Normandy, Holland POW

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