• Soldbuch to Uffizier Walter Böhm, who was wounded both in Italy 1944 and the Ardennes in 1945.  
  • After serving with some Luftnachrichten units in 1942, Böhm joined the Artillerie-Regiment 20 (L.) of the newly erected 20. Luftwaffen-Felddivision, serving in occupation duties in Denmark. In November 1943 this division was absorbed into the Heer, in June 1944 it was sent to the Italian front and renamed into the 20. Luftwaffen-Sturm-Division. There, it saw action in central Italy in the area of Orvieto and Livorno. Early July 1944, Böhm was wounded by shrapnell and evacuated. He was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz for his Italian wound. After his recovery, he was added to Artillerie-Regiment 9, part of the 9. Volksgrenadier-Division active on the Western Front. He received his equipment on the 15th of December 1944, three days before the start of the Ardennes offensive, and was fighting with the division in the Ardennes from late December 1944 until late January 1945; nice entry for 'Frontzulage' in that time frame. The Ardennes sure were a hell for Böhm, as he was hospitalized in February 1945 with freezing wounds. He would be in hospital until mid April 1945 and would not see front line service again.  
  • Some interesting details: promotion to Unteroffizier as late as December 1945, many POW entries, issue of a Tarnnetz in the Ardennes, issue of Führerpaket, spending of blood in hospital, etc etc.  
  • Very nice Soldbuch to an Unteroffizier who was wounded as a Luftwaffe-Sturm-Division member in Italy, and who suffered from frostbite in the Ardennes.  
  • The Soldbuch is missing the portrait photo, else is is a 100% complete with lots of entries and extra pages.

LWFD Soldbuch, Italy, Ardennes WIA

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