• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Rudolf Bock, opened in April 1940. He was first with Infanterie-Regiment 271 "Feldherrnhalle", part of the 93. Infanterie-Division, and saw action in France. During the next five years, he would also serve with sister regiments Infanterie-Regiment 272, later renamed to Grenadier-Regiment 272, and Grenadier-Regiment 273. On the Northern sector of the Eastern front, they fought in the area of Leningrad, the Wolchow, Cholm and Kurland. By April 1945, Bock had ended up with the 73.ID fighting on the Samland peninsula, northwest of K├Ânigsberg, until he was wounded in a bombing. He was evacuated oversea and arrived in a Krankensammelstelle in Sassnitz on April 23rd, 1945. He ended the war in hospital.  
  • The Soldbuch has the KVKII, Ostmedaille and F├╝hrergeschenk listed. Also many nice (winter, weapons, ...) equipment entries. It is in good condition with original portrait photo, cover is loose but the booklet is a 100% complete.  

Samland 1945 WIA Soldbuch

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