• Soldbuch to Verwaltungs-Stabsgefreiter Alfred Mörbt, who served in supporting Kriegsmarine units in occupied France from 1941 onwards. He was first with the Kriegsmarinedienststelle Boulogne, then in 1943 with the Hafenkommandant Dünkirchen. As part of the latter, he ended up in the Festung Dünkirchen, one of the surrounded Atlantikwall fortresses after the Allied invasion. He held out with his unit until the very end of the war, and once a POW he was admitted to the Festungslazarett Dünkirchen-Rosendaël with digestive problems.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a complete condition, it has some water damage on the portrait photo. Lots of nice equipment entries, such as Dutch rifles and 6.35 pistol, as well as hospital entries for the Kriegslazarett 3/617 in Lille and the Marinelazarett Hardinghen. It comes with an Ausweis with a clearer portrait, a Bescheinigung from 1943 and the very nice Festung Dünkirchen Ausweis from March 1945.  
  • Notice the Frontzulage for active fighting in de defense of Dunkirk in September 1944 on page 27!  

Festung Dünkirchen Soldbuch

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