• Soldbuch to the very young Gefreiter Rudolf Köstler, started a few months after his 18th birthday in December 1943. He was first with occupation units like the Sicherungs-Bataillon 837 in Yugoslavia. These did see action against partisans - especially in areas like Yugoslavia, and the Frontzulage on page 20 confirms he was in active fighting in October - November 1944. Late March 1945, he transferred to the 14. Panzer-Zerstörer Kompanie of Jäger-Regiment 21 part of the former Luftwaffe 11. Feld-Division (L). With this Jäger unit, he was fighting in Croatia during the final weeks of the war.  
  • Complete Soldbuch, which looks to be affected by some kind of oil/grease on the lower half. Late war promotion to Gefreiter was not confirmed on page 3. Very nice portrait photo of the boy in late-war uniform.   

Panzer-Zerstörer Jäger Soldbuch

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