• Soldbuch, Wehrstammbuch and document grouping to Obergefreiter Franz Dirscherl. He first served with a number of occupation units like the Infanterie-Regiment 302 in Poland, Landesschützen-Batailon 823 guarding the Oflag XIII A in Nürnberg, Infanterie-Regiment 731 of the 711. Infanterie-Division in the West, and Landesschützen-Bataillon 460 on the Dutch-German border near Venlo. In March 1943 things got more serious and Dirscherl was transfered to the newly built Jäger-Regiment 721 in Croatia, where he would soon be involved in anti-partisan fighting with the 114. Jäger-Division. Moved to Italy in January 1944, he saw action on the Anzio beachhead after the American landing in Southern Italy, and was wounded there on 19th of February 1944. He was issued the Verwundetenabzeichen and did not see action again.   
  • The Soldbuch is in a salty but complete condition. A portrait photo was never inserted. The Wehrstammbuch is complete and contains a portrait photo of Dirscherl on the Wehrstammkarte. Also comes with a lot of Stammrollen-Auszuge from his subsequent units containing a wealth of information, and a few more documents and correspondance.  

Anzio WIA Jäger Soldbuch & Wehrstammbuch

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