• Soldbuch to Grenadier Herbert Eicke. Joining the Wehrmacht in September 1944, Eicke had just been released from the hospital in Berlin-Britz mid March 1945. At that time, the Heeres-Sturmartillerie-Brigade 243 had also been moved to the Reich's capital. Eicke was put to use and joined the Brigade's newly created 4th "Grenadier-Begleit-Batterie". These were the men who can be often seen hitching a ride on top of the StuGs, and providing infantry support when needed. The Begleit-Batterie definitely proved useful in the "Endkampf" battles to come: StuG-Brigade 243 received 40 new Sturmgeschütze and saw action in the Battle of Berlin.  
  • StuG-Brigade 243 mostly fought south of the city center. It operated from Potsdam under the Armee Wenck, and attacked against the Russians in Treuenbrietzen. It then tried to relieve the city center as part of the Division "Theodor Körner". The counterattack was stopped in the area of Beelitz. Most men of the Brigade then retreated to the Elbe to surrender to the Americans in the area of Tangermünde, but 65 men were handed over by the Americans to the Russians. It seems Eicke was either one of these men, or captured earlier in Berlin, as an entry on page 3 confirms him as a Russian POW.  
  • The Soldbuch is in used but good and complete condition.  

Battle of Berlin StuG Soldbuch

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