• Soldbuch grouping to Leutnant Alfred Wetter. In civilian life, he worked as a journalist in Berlin besides his job as a teacher and after the outbreak of the war, he was given the opportunity to work as a Kriegsberichter in propaganda units. After a short stay with Krankentransport-Abteilung 532, he joined the Propaganda-Kompanie 696 in 1940. This unit was subordinate to the 1. Armee and therefore was entirely deployed in France, along the Demarkationslinie and on the Atlantikwall. During the second part of the war it looks like he was mainly with the Propgaganda-Ersatz-Abteilung in Berlin. He then ended the war with Pionier-Bataillon 208 of the 208. Infanterie-Division on the Eastern Front. 
  • The Soldbuch is packed with interesting entries, such as a private pistol, lots of other equipment, and seven promotions. Notice the last promotion to Leutnant appears to be done postwar, likely by the veteran himself, but this promotion is confirmed by one of the original photos in the grouping, where he can be seen wearing an officer's cap and Leutnant shoulder straps. 
  • The Soldbuch has its pages and cover loose, but is a 100% complete. It comes with five private photos of Wetter (and his HJ son), and four additional documents, including his postwar F├╝hrerschein with portrait photo.  

Kriegsberichter Soldbuch grouping

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