• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Franz Lukas. Called up as an older soldier in 1942, he was first assigned to Flieger-Regiment 71 ("Regiment Kapuste"), located in the area of Toulouse and Carcasonne, in Southern France. He then spent 15 months with Flieger-Regiment 72 ("Regiment Gattersleben") in the area of Montpellier, and in September 1943 he joined Flieger-Regiment 32. This unit was deployed the area of Rochefort (Bretagne) and was still there when the Allies landed in June 1944. 
  • Whereas the majority of the regiment retreated eastward to the Reich, Lukas' first Bataillon remained in Saint-Nazaire and was encircled in the "Festung Saint-Nazaire", on of the French Atlantikwall fortresses. He was assigned a Festungsnummer 37065 (see page 1) and assigned to the 19. Kompanie of the overarching "Wehrmacht-Regiment 1". Lukas received a Frontzulage for fighting in the Festung until 30th of April 1945 and must have surrendered with the rest of his unit at the end of the war.  
  • Soldbuch in good and complete condition, with some (battle?) damage going through the top of all pages.  

Festung Saint-Nazaire Soldbuch

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