• Soldbuch to Schütze Josef Bierl, who joined the Wehrmacht in December 1941. After his basic Grenadier training, he was sent to Schützen-Regiment 129, soon after renamed into Panzergrenadier-Regiment 129, part of the 22. Panzer-Division. With this regiment, he saw action of the Southern sector of the Eastern front: on the Krim (Kertsch peninsula) and on the river Don. There, he was wounded by shrapnel in July 1942. Although hit in both his legs, his left arm and head, he was able to return to his unit in October 1942 and earned the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. It was a short return, unfortunately. He was badly wounded again by shrapnel fighting on the Don on 27th of November 1942. Bierl received a "Begleitzettel" for the wounded instructing the doctors to amputate his leg. He died in Feldlazarett 779 in Kaschary the day afterwards.  
  • The Soldbuch is in excellent and complete condition. Since Bierl was killed in the first part of the war, a portrait photo was never inserted. It comes with the rare 'Begleitzettel für Kampfstoffverletzte', that was altered in the field to a 'Begleitzettel für Verwundete' and attached to him when he was evacuated from the field (the day before his death in hospital). Together with the Soldbuch, it forms a tragic souvenir of his deadly wound.  

22.Pz.Div. KIA Soldbuch

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